About UCP UK

Excellence through innovation

UCP Group need no introduction. UCP UK are a specialist training provider experienced in the wider training arena delivering programmes to internationally recognised and responsible Governments, individuals and security companies
UCP UK has significant contracts globally and has been praised by high ranking British Army officers for developing the only recognised third party HABC endorsed firearms training programme for the hostile environment close protection officer (9mm 5.56mm 7.62mm)

Our training method not only enhances your ability to do the job right but also saves lives

UCP UK has already gained the advantage from being the first company to deliver the Close Protection (SIA) standard in Europe in 2009 and have now set the standard for firearms training and Hostile Environment Close Protection Training.

We not only provide tactical firearms training but also most other specialist training associated with law enforcement and military units.

Our instructors are “subject matter experts” all from British Military background

UCP UK majors in the provision of ethical doctrine-led training to protect civilians and communities providing security in hostile and non-hostile environments. The training has been designed to enable UCP UK’s clients to operate to the highest standard consistent with international law and using proportionate and effective force with appropriate rules of engagement.
Participants will be assessed against the UCP UK and HABC endorsed method of training (the only international firearms accreditation award in Europe and UK)
The UCP UK level 3 firearms training programme measures operational capability in specific skills and tactics including the overall effectiveness of the individual or unit. Metrics are used to assess individual competence and the HABC endorsement means that you can prove competence and progress through assessment.

UCP UK use their acclaimed and mentoring programmes to deliver the ultimate brand of bodyguard, close protection team, military unit, government security

There is no other choice when you want the best

UCP Group offers a comprehensive range of courses and programmes tailored to suit individuals, private Units, government military and national requirements
The programmes build capability progressively to meet the needs of the client that have been agreed or identified through a training needs analysis


Training Services

Operational Services

  • Close Protection front line QCF level 3 Highfield (SIA approved)

  • Close Protection Management level 4

  •  Etiquette for the Professional Close Protection Officer

  • Individual Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard) advanced programme

  • Defensive driving for High Profile tasks

  • Chauffeur security Driver

  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative (HECPO) front line

  • Hostile Environment Close Protection Management (HECPM)

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training for VIP’s (non-security operative)

  • Firearms accredited and endorsed awards from HABC International Awarding Body for Compliance

  • Firearms Tactics

  • Firearms Marksman/Sniper

  • Firearms Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

  • Firearms Urban/Jungle and Desert combat tactics

  • Hostage rescue/Negotiation

  • Maritime security Internationally recognised

  • Elite Unit selection

  • Counter IED

  • Tasking and coordination

  • VIP protection

  • Individual Bodyguard

  • Surveillance

  • Investigation

  • Close protection Teams

  • Residential Security

  • Tactics

  • Urban combat

  • Hostage rescue

  • Negotiation

  • Maritime security

  • Personal protection

  • Security driver service

  • Chauffeur security service

  • Hostile Environment Close Protection

  • Unit 109

  • Counter IED

  • Tasking and coordination


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